Digital Customer Service

Service where you need it and when you need it? From now on, you can combine all the advantages of remote communication with the security and quality of traditional service. With Inperly - an innovative communication platform between company and consumer  - it’s possible! Your clients will be delighted.

Comprehensive solution based on proven technologies

One platform, many advantages for your company

Inperly is a multi-channel platform for precise and convenient customer service.  
You can use it for various purposes and businesses. 

Optimized maintenance cost
New client digital onboarding
More effective sales processes
Increase in customer loyalty
Availability of advisers 24/7
High employees effience
Play Video

Virtual solution for real types of business 


Take care of your patients without seeing them face to face. Send health reports, run a telehealth consultation without leaving home and even prescribe medications.


Financial services are based on trust, security and expert advice. Inperly offers it all and allows the customer to easily contact the banker, anywhere, anytime and sign documents abiding by the law through audio-video tools or virtual totem.


When you are abroad or have a traffic accident, the speed of service and easy contact with an insurance agent are a priority. Inperly shortens the path to services and allows us to share documents quickly.


Sending plans and explaining details of construction through online tools could be confusing. But not with Inperly! Take advantage of screen sharing, co-browsing and audio-video tools, and get your communication back on track.


Make your branch open 24/7 and give customers the possibility to contact your representatives wherever and whenever they want. With Inperly it's possible even when your physical office is closed.


Use the Inperly totem or widget on the site to take your communication with customers to a whole new level. The platform is a great solution for dealerships, car rentals and manufacturers.

Platform powered by a team of experts

A solution refined in every detail? Indeed! Inperly's reliability is based on the know-how and technical skills of the Billennium IT experts - a company with over 17 years of experience and more than 100 clients. Our mission is to change the world through business-friendly IT solutions and focus on the real needs of our clients. And that's what Inperly is! It is matched to today's lifestyle, customer expectations and safety regulations. It is made for your business!

Adapt your business to your consumers needs!

Find out how Inperly can help your company attract and provide services to new clients. Get in touch with our experts. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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