Confirmation of identity and electronic signature in Microsoft Teams

Confirmation of identity and electronic signature in Microsoft Teams

In person, remotely! It is possible!

The network administrator can complete the whole process of activating the license with the appropriate permissions.

Confirmation of identity and electronic signature in Microsoft Teams

Certified quality and safety guarantee

Certified quality and safety guaranteeCertified quality and safety guarantee

Bring traditional processes to the digital world

Digitalize more areas of your organization. Facilitate remote work for sales, customer service or HR teams. Increase your company's business efficiency without costly investments and commitment of IT resources - the entire implementation is simple and takes 15 minutes.

Sign electronic documents in Microsoft Teams

Put an end to paper documents once and for all. Instead, send documents to be signed by your employees and customers in Microsoft Teams and use various forms of electronic signature yourself without the need for external applications.

Confirm the identity of meeting participants

Verify participants joining Microsoft Teams meetings and increase your organization's security. Use various proven forms of confirmation depending on your needs to ensure you're always talking to the right person.

Send documents to be signed by co-workers

Send documents to be signed by your customers, business partners and employees. They don’t have an electronic signature? No problem - thanks to Inperly they will get one in order to carry out a specific operation.

How will Inperly support your organization?



Sales and contracting

Recruitment and HR processes

Customer service process

Other internal processes

Higher education

Higher education

Recruitment process


Contact the dean's office online

Public sector

Public sector

Signing and submitting applications, forms and other documents

Receive support and information from an online official

Court hearings

Your safety is our priority

Inperly uses well-known and well-liked, but most importantly, proven tools for remote identification and electronic signatures.

Clear settlement rules

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Start working more efficiently with Inperly

If your organization uses MS Teams, ask your network administrator to purchase an Inperly license from Microsoft AppSource.

Simple to implement

Clear payments rules

Without long-term contracts

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